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The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federally funded HUD program that provides housing assistance to eligible low-income families. The program enables families to obtain safe, decent and sanitary housing by subsidizing a portion of each tenant’s monthly rent, based on income. The subsidy is paid directly to the property owner/landlord. It is a wonderful opportunity for local landlords to lease to great tenants. If you own rental properties and would like to learn more about the program, contact the Housing Choice Voucher Coordinator at (401) 724-8910 ext. 211. We would be happy to discuss the program in further detail with you.

Why become a Housing Choice Voucher Landlord?


  • Guaranteed rent check paid monthly
  • We will insure that clients will obey HUD regulations or they will lose their housing voucher
  • Landlords use their own lease and may require a security deposit if desired 
  • Families have the same rights and responsibilities as unassisted families.
  • Landlords have the same rights and responsibilities of landlords renting to unassisted families. 
  • Our participants are to be treated like any other tenant; if they break their lease we encourage landlords to evict them from their unit. The Housing Authority will continue to pay our share of the rent while the process goes through the courts
  • Participants are required to sign an initial 1-year lease; lease then reverts to a month-to-month lease
  • Landlords screen and select their own tenants, collect the rent, maintain the property, and terminate the lease if appropriate
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